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Bypass EU trade barriers – How does it work?

If Brexit is keeping you up at night and has you worried about what it will mean for your business, we can help! With our solutions you can bypass EU trade barriers and save money, hassle and stress at the same time.

Why? We do not know when and how, but Britain will be leaving the single market. Depending on what deal will be negotiated, the chances are high you might have to pay taxes and tariffs. What is certain, however, you will be forced to deal with time consuming and demanding import and export clearances.   How? Thanks to our Business Hotel the solution is simple: Your business stays in the EU by founding a Dutch limited company. We can register and essentially run the company for you while you work from your UK headquarters. You control your business via real-time online reporting and a personal assistant in our house.   In short:

  • You can sell to the 27 EU countries and its 75 trading partner nations without trade barriers
  • You can reach new customers abroad via our multi-language selling platforms
  • You can radically reduce your overheads, including the shipping costs
  • You can free time and recources otherwise absorbed by everyday business

When? Naturally, before Britain leaves the single market, but why wait if you can save time and money? Contact us and find how we can help you.

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