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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak any foreign languages?



No, everything will be dealt with in English.  Of course, this also counts for all correspondence with our cooperation partners in Germany and the Netherlands.

Do I have to be present in person to manage any business in Europe?

No, the idea behind our whole concept is that your operational business can be run without your physical presence.

What is involved to set up my business in Europe?

This varies depending on what type of self-employment or company you would like to establish, but whatever business activities you have in mind, we can help setting them up. In some cases we can do everything on your behalf, in others we can carry out the preparation, so your personal attendance would only be required for the registration process.

Should I begin with my business activities as soon as possible or wait until after the Brexit?

We would recommend to start as soon as possible. Firstly, it will definitely be easier, quicker and therefore time and cost efficient to found a business or unfold business activities of any kind while the UK is still member of the EU. Secondly, we have yet to see what the implications for Britons will look like, as far as free travel, taxation deals, trade standards etc. are concerned. Therefore, ‘having a foot in the door’ might be of considerable advantage.

What exactly do you mean by your claim 'we do everything for you'?

It means we will set up your European business and run the operational side of it. You define the parameters to which you would like your business to be run, we supply the framework and staff. Both, our virtual office services in Germany and our fulfilment services in the Netherlands allow you to officially trade in and from the EU without having to be there in person.

My knowledge about doing business in Europe is very limited. How can I be sure you will recommend the right strategy for me?



Quite simply, because our success depends on yours and, vice versa, your downfall would be ours. In today’s world of social media and law suits be assured that all recommendations given are based on expertise and experience — either our own or that of established experts. Also all information is taken from reliable data sources.