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Fulfilment – how does it work in detail?



We handle all of the bureaucracy for you!


• We handle all im- and export clearances worldwide, eg customs, tariffs, VAT etc.

• We produce and send invoices

• We prepare all data for your book keeping & accountancy

• We automate your stock control


Doing business, especially beyond trade barriers results in heaps of paperwork.

We can settle all of this for you, saving you resources, time and money.


Real-time multilevel fulfilment management system


• We set up your own account in our cloud based management system

• Track the whole process from receiving an online order to the signed for delivery

• Ultimate compatibility for data exchange with your own software

• All data at one glance in real-time

• Can be accessed from any PC, smartphone or tablet

• Communicates directly with webshops

• Includes an accounting software package


Thanks to years of experience in worldwide logistics we are able to develop our own system into a precision tool.


Available data includes the number of orders received, the number of incomplete backorders, the number of scheduled inbound shipments, current stock levels, the number of returns to be processed, the number of packaged or sent orders and so forth.

Receive & Store

Even receiving and storing goods follows an approved line of action


The receipt, inspection and storage of incoming goods involves the following process:


• Receipt, inspection and storage of goods (truck loads, containers, pallets and boxes)

• Recording of all goods (and any damages) for you to check in real time

• Storage of all goods (also organic — we are SKAL certified) on pallets, small or large shelves


When storing goods we will make efficient use of space (for instance, we do not just use one shelf per product) to create the best value for your money.

Inbound Logistics

Hassle free worldwide collection of goods


• You comission us to collect goods from anywhere on the planet and we take care of the entire logistical process

• We can ship goods overland, by sea and air

• We arrange customs-, duty- and/or other import clearances from outside the EU

• We also handle all other associated administrative matters


Inbound and Goods Received are two terms often used interchangeably. With us, Inbound Logistics involves much, much more. To summarise, you give us a collection order, we do it all for you.

Stock control

Optimum balance between cost and stock held


• Automate the management of your stock levels

• View all stock movements in real-time

• Follow every single step of your goods passing through our warehouse online, eg goods received, stored, packaged and shipped


As soon as your stock drops below a calculated level, our system automatically sends out notifications ensuring the best possible balance between quantities and rate of supply.

This is the most cost efficient way of replenishing your stock.

Picking & Packing


Collecting & packaging orders to your needs


• All orders are quickly and accurately processed by experienced order pickers

• All the steps are handled by the same operator; from the collection of an order to packaging and preparation for shipment

• Quality control; all orders are counterchecked before shipment

• We only use eco-friendly packaging material

• Choose from a wide range of materials; from good quality standard to bespoke packaging

• Add your corporate logo or different colour schemes to our distinct cardboard boxes

• We also supply packaging notes, return forms, invoices, shipment labels and accompanying letters, also with your corporate logo/letterhead


Worldwide shipment within as little as 24 hours at very competitive rates


• All deliveries are signed for

• All orders are packaged, inspected and supplied with shipping labels and packing notes

• We access the entire European continent on a daily basis

• Global deliveries at low prices via established shipment partners


We will deliver! For example, if you would like to have a parcel sent to the United States within 24 hours; we will arrange this on your behalf. Within the Netherlands and Belgium we use our own delivery service to ship larger parcels that are too big for regular shipment companies.


Monitoring, registering, reporting and RMA/DOA management


• Immediate reporting of returns via our online management system

• All returns handled by a designated returns department

• You can specify the parameters of the assessment and the handling of returns


Handling returns is the epitomisation of customer service. This is why only experienced operators assess returned products and work to a predetermined Return Merchandise Authorization / Dead on Arrival (RMA / DOA) procedure. We can also work to your specific guidelines — even down to viewing images of the returns online.


Fulfilment of custom orders to your specific requirements


If your requirements are too specific to be included in our regular order processing procedure, we will adapt our fulfilment agreement accordingly.

Examples of customised activities we often handle on behalf of clients:


• Adding user manuals

• Connecting European plugs

• The conversion of pallet bulk consignments into separate sets

• Prepackaging parcels containing various products, often required when it comes to corporate giveaways or gift packs


Whatever your needs might be, please let us know.


Cash-flow management and refund transactions


• Our payment engine allows your webshop to be used all over the world

• Keep track of cash-flows from the different payment methods used within your eCommerce operations

• Our financial reports give you an overview of your incoming cash-flow

• We also handle fulfilment of cash and refund transactions


Our Payments Department has plenty of experience in performing cash and refund transactions (cashback), regardless of the conceptual formulation. You can trust us to handle your promotional activities and marketing campaigns.



Automating your invoicing and accountancy


We have developed a tool which links your webshop to our warehouse management system as well as our accountancy software.

This gives you access to an efficient system in which stock control, order processing, invoicing and accountancy are perfectly linked together.


Put simply:

1. A product gets sold from your webshop

2. Your order gets automatically processed by our warehouse management system

3. An invoice gets generated and filed by our accountancy software

4. The product gets shipped out with the invoice enclosed

5. Your accountant uses the accountancy data to complete your VAT and tax return


In short, we can supply a software package that automates the invoicing as well as the accountancy. Please note: If you would like to register a Dutch limited company through us (see Bypass trade barriers), we can also provide an experienced chartered accountant working in-house for the VAT and annual tax returns, so you do not need to worry about any tax matters.


Our fulfilment partner:

Dimass Group B.V.

Dimass Group B.V.



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