Order fulfilment

Save 50 % overheads
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Trade with Europe provides worldwide order fulfilment services.

We’ve  saved our clients on average 50% of their operational costs!

Complete Order Fulfilment Solutions 

Thanks to our efficient, innovative fulfilment partner Dimass Group B.V. in Roermond (Netherlands) we can provide all order fulfilment solutions you may need:

  • the complete logistics (from collecting goods to B2B & B2C delivery)
  • online selling platforms for Europe and the world
  • the whole operational business, incl. invoicing & accountancy, finding new markets, customer relations, even e-commerce

Pick, Pack & Dispatch

Reach new markets (as well as the UK) from your UK company by outsourcing your mail order business without having to deal with foreign laws, regulations and languages. 

Make great savings

  • save warehouse cost
  • save staff cost
  • low shipping rates

Bypass EU trade barriers

  • Register a EU subsidiary of your UK business with us.
  • Trade legally in the EU from the UK.
  • Accountancy, administration, all legal & tax requirements can be handled by us.
  • Benefit from low tax rate in the Netherlands (Corporate tax 20 % up to € 200.000 profit is among the lowest in the EU).
  • Stay in control 100 % through online monitoring & your personal assistant.
  • In short, you set the parameters and we run your business for you.

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