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Initiating business activities in a new, foreign environment is like starting from scratch. You need to learn the language, build up a new network, find out how local and national authorities work, acclimatise to the regional culture and so forth.


This is where we would come in; we’ve been there, done that. Originating from Germany, in close proximity to the Netherlands, we are familiar with the region and a network of service providers.


On top of this we have also been working and living in Britain since the 1980s. The knowledge and experience we have acquired over all these years is the foundation our business is built on. It enables us to help you succeed and prevent you from paying for expensive mistakes.


Here are the most popular service offers we provide. There is a lot more we can purvey so please feel free to contact us about your requirements.

Translation & interpreting

We can translate any business correspondence, technical documents (e.g. manuals) or draft letters, interpret at business meetings or even negotiate on your behalf.


We have over 25 years of experience in translating for UK businesses and deliver quality translations that are proof-read and ready to use. Our translators are native speakers who only translate into their mother-tongue. All translations include free of charge edits until you are entirely happy with the finished product.


Translation rates


• For a letter or any text up to 150 words we charge a set fee of £ 25
• Each additional word – 15p


Interpreting (English-German & German-English)



First hour – £40
Each additional half hour – £18



First 10 minutes – £15 (minimum charge)
Each additional minute – 90p


For business meetings etc. please contact us for a bespoke quote including all expenses.


Language courses

Also in-company courses


Study your trading partner’s native language and know how they think, work and live. Learn professional terminology and business etiquette and lead your company to success.


Teaching takes place at our headquarters in Bristol or, if desired, we can teach you (or/and your team) on your premises. Simply contact us to talk about the specific requirements of your business. We will draw up a bespoke syllabus based upon your needs and budget.


Rates for language courses



Commercial premises

Finding commercial premises (offices, warehouses, production etc.)


Whether you are looking for offices, showrooms, warehouses, workshops or any other type of commercial property, we can help. Simply tell us what you are looking for and we will search for the best rent, location and suitability.


We work with established nationwide property agencies including the Chamber of Industry and Commerce to find the ideal property for you.


To give you an idea of rent and property prices click here (only available in German).


Short-term accommodation

Finding short term furnished rental accommodation (confined to specific regions)


Do you need to stay in Germany for just a few months? Are you looking for a short hold tenancy agreement that can be renewed monthly?


We can supply furnished flats in the Rhine and Ruhr regions for a term from just two months. The tenancy agreements run for a predetermined period of your choice. A deposit will be required. If you would like to extend your stay you can simply renew the deal on a monthly basis subject to one month’s notice.


Please note that the German rental market works substantially differently from that in the UK and specific knowledge on renting short- and long-term will be required.  If you need help with the search for any rental property –no matter if short or long term, flats or houses and regardless of the region — we will be happy to assist you.

Finding Suppliers

Finding manufacturers, suppliers and specialised service providers


Do you need a specialised service for your business? Or a supplier of specific products? Or a partner to manufacture goods for you? Or simply a good trade deal?


Germany has a vast variety of small, medium sized and huge companies that can supply or make anything imaginable. The challenge is to find the right one.


We can recommend and establish contacts. These would either come from our tried and tested network of providers or we would research the best options for you.


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